CaptionCall sponsors CART (Captions) at our meetings so you won’t miss a single word of what is being said at the meeting.


TIA-4953 Compliant – CaptionCall is proud to be the first and only captioning telephone that meets the strict amplification standards established by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) for people with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. This means people with hearing loss will be able to hear and understand speech better on the CaptionCall phone than on any other captioning telephone. TIA-4953ComplianceGraphics

See what Don has to say about CaptionCall.

Why CaptionCall?

Because hearing loss shouldn’t mean losing touch.

With the CaptionCall Solution, talking on the phone is stress-free. This comprehensive solution includes:

  • A state-of-the-art, captioning-enabled CaptionCall Phone
  • Free, nearly instant captioning with the CaptionCall Service
  • CaptionCall Support for friendly, ongoing customer assistance

It’s all part of our innovative solution to help you get more from your conversations—and from life.

Shirley talks about how CaptionCall has made it easier to communicate on the phone.

CaptionCall Telephone helps people with hearing loss use the phone with confidence.

With CaptionCall Mobile you can make and receive calls from your Apple iPad.

CaptionCall is available to “qualified persons” at no charge. CaptionCall will deliver the phone and set it up and train the user on its use and features at no charge. See the paragraph below regarding how to qualify. There is no monthly charge and the Captioning service is paid for by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) from the Federal Universal Fund. Everybody contributes to this fund via their landline and mobile phone bills.

To qualify the user must have a medically recognized hearing loss. Certification of hearing loss is required to receive this phone at no charge. You can download the form and take it to your Hearing Health Care Provider below.

Users must also have high-speed Internet, a landline phone, and an available electrical outlet. The high-speed Internet can be Fios, cable modem or DSL. A Landline phone can be Verizon Home Connect, Ooma, Vonage, Google Voice, or even Magic Jack.

Free with professional certification form.